It is considered the oldest of the Canary Islands, and its strange relief is due to the last eruption that took place approximately 7,000 years ago. With 3,000 hours of sunshine a year, Fuerteventura is the closest Canary Island to the African coast, which separated by just 100 km (from “The End of the Entallada” to “Cape Juby” in Morocco).; Moreover, it is the 2nd largest Canary Island in size, after Tenerife.

Fuerteventura, declared a Biosphere Reserve and Starlight Reserve for the entire island, it has a huge protected area where missed. Natural monuments, natural parks, rural parks and landscapes, living witnesses of its volcanic origins as the Badlands, home to an endless variety of plants and fauna of incalculable value, which is protected with efforts by the many environmental projects.

More than 353,000 hectares with singularities that emerge from the aridity and the presence of a diverse marine environment. Natural landscapes of extreme aridity place it as one of the best observatories geopaleontológicos Macaronesia. It is the largest representation of steppe and desert habitats of the Canary Islands. It contains an important biological diversity, despite its arid nature, being the richest marine environment in the Canaries.

Fuerteventura is, in short, a sustainable tourism destination of reference, where the preservation of traditional values ​​and activities coexist with tourism. It is a privileged place for observing volcanic zones, which contains a rich fossil record of global importance and about 50 paleontological sites of interest. Fuerteventura is one of the largest desert and semi-desert areas of the European Union that will surprise along their more than one hundred kilometers of coastline, virtually untouched. Release space to spend the day alone, with friends or with your friends. Open areas where you can relax, enjoy the sea and the sun in any season and meet people from all over the world. Distributed throughout the island, in the north, central and south beaches of Fuerteventura offers global benchmark for environmental quality and respect for freedom.

You choose, enjoy solitude of privacy and relaxation, or choose the comfort of beaches equipped with all amenities. Fuerteventura offers unique spaces for you.

The holiday experience in Fuerteventura necessarily involves its gastronomy, which has its highest expression in some of the best restaurants in Canary sites on the island. Excellent cuisine made of traditional and fusion of the mixture of cultures and vanguards, available both in tourist areas and in rural areas, to create and experience new sensations every day through the palate.

Everyday escape, escape from routine, abandoned in an oasis of sensations. Indulge in the landscape, the light, the sea and fresh air. Benefit from the qualities of aloe vera, volcanic stones, seaweed wrap … Soaring to a state of absolute tranquility, inner search and relax, relax much.